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Janus, Jaroslav

Janus in Slovakia's Olympic Camp

According to, 2009 Lightning draft pick Jaroslav Janus, a goaltender out of Erie of the OHL, is participating in Slovakia's pre-Olympic camp this week. Janus, a 6th round pick this year by Tampa Bay, is unsigned at the moment, but can re-join the Otters as an overager next year or go to Russia if not signed for goaltending depth by the Lightning this summer. Janus was a second round selection of Lokomotiv Jaroslavl in this year's KHL junior draft.

Janus was named the top goaltender at this past World Junior Championships for Slovakia. In 2007-2008 he was named the Otters' Most Valuable Player. He went 25-20-4 with 3 shutouts this year for Erie with a 3.24 GAA and .908 save percentage.

Complicating matters for Janus this summer in regard to signing with the Lightning is the fact Tampa Bay no longer has an ECHL affiliate and prospects Riku Helenius and Dustin Tokarski are expected to man the nets in AHL Norfolk.

Other goaltenders at Slovakia's camp include Colorado's Peter Budaj, Montreal's Jaroslav Halak, and former Nashville Predator Jan Lasak.

Best Draft Since 1998?

It's almost impossible to beat the haul the Lightning got in 1998 (Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Dimitry Afanasenkov, and Martin Cibak), but I think the Lightning might've just completed their second best draft in team history. They already completed a first in history making a pair of first round picks on night one of the draft with Victor Hedman and Carter Ashton, so they were on their way already.

However, their second and fourth round selections really put this draft over the top. Richard Panik is a big time gamble, but he's going to a very good program in Windsor and will be playing for Bob Boughner. On pure talent, he could be even better than Ashton if you can get his head on straight, and he'll be in the environment in Windsor to facilitate that.

And, we love that Alex Hutchings pick. Absolutely love it. You got a hockey player who can play center or wing. Good skater. Good hockey sense. He can pass. He can shoot. He mucks well for a little guy. He just knows how to play the game. It's shocking he fell into the Lightning's lap in the fourth round, and in getting Hutchings the Lightning completed a very successful first four rounds where they got 4 of the top 48 rated prospects by THN and 4 of the top 60 by Red Line. That's in a deep draft, no less, so they got a lot of quality.

The goaltenders, Zador and Janus, seem like a reaction to Karri Ramo's defection. Zador's got to get playing time, but he was a first rounder in the OHL Priority Draft in 2007, so he's got raw ability. Janus made his name at the WJC's and had decent statistics for Erie this season. Because Janus was an overager, he'll probably only have one more year in junior. Zador probably gets two. You're just wishing and hoping one of them develops the way Ramo did when the Lightning took a sixth rounder on him out of Lahti.

I have a feeling the Lightning got some value out of that Gotovets pick. I'm guessing if his name was Johnson or Wilson, he might've gone a couple of rounds sooner, but teams are terrified of the KHL poaching their players. Yes, there's a danger if Gotovets develops he could be poached by Dynamo Minsk, but he's already taken the step of coming over to Shattuck and he already speaks pretty flawless English. I don't think you make that commitment and go to an Ivy League school like Cornell only to turn back around and go back to Belarus, and I have yet to hear about anything glaringly wrong with his game other than the fact he's pretty skinny. He'll be a darkhorse to watch over the next few years.

The only regret is that the Lightning didn't find a way to get an offensive defenseman or two into the system. That'll be something they'll need to look at next year, and they'll certainly continue to try to flesh out their forward depth. Getting Ashton, Panik, and Hutchings was a whale of a start, though. Very good draft. I suspect they get at least three NHL players out of this group.

Evidently, Janus would've gone to Russia to play in the KHL if he hadn't been drafted, and he wants to play pro this season and not go back to junior. That's an interesting problem for a Lightning organization that has Riku Helenius and Dustin Tokarski all but inked into the lineup in Norfolk next season.

Jaroslav Janus


Out of Organization
Presov, SVK
2009 Draft (R6/#162)
Last Team: 
Bratislava (KHL)
Projects As: 
Depth goaltender

Draft Info

Draft Status: 
Draft Year: 
Drafted By: 
Tampa Bay Lightning
Pick No.: 
Draft Team: 
Erie (OHL)


Contract Status: 
Waiver Status: 
Waiver Exempt
Contract End Status: 


signed with HC SLOVAN Bratislava through 2017-18 season; becomes unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2017

Scouting Report

Scouting Comments: 

Lightning Director of Amateur Scouting Jim Hammett: "Janus has got a little bit of (Dominik) Hasek to him, a little more flipping and flopping; a pretty flexible kid."


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 Season Team League GP GAA SVS%      Playoffs GP GAA SVS%
 2003-2004 HC Presov U18Slovakia U1814 - -|      
 2004-2005 HC Presov U18Slovakia U1834 1.82 -|      
  HC Presov U20Slovakia U201 7.00 .837|Playoffs1 2.61 -
 2005-2006 HC Slovan Bratislava U18Slovakia U1837 2.89 .910|Playoffs8 2.34 .925
  HC Slovan Bratislava U20Slovakia U2013 2.46 .922|      
  Slovakia U17WHC-17- - -|      
 2006-2007 HC Slovan Bratislava U18Slovakia U1835 2.51 .906|      
  HC Slovan Bratislava U20Slovakia U2024 2.17 .935|Playoffs1 7.28 .800
  Slovakia U18WJC-185 3.14 .921|      
  Slovakia U18WJAC-194 2.57 .928|      
 2007-2008 Erie OttersOHL48 4.40 .892|      
 2008-2009 Erie OttersOHL49 3.24 .908|Playoffs5 4.21 .898
  Slovakia U20WJC-207 3.20 .900|      
 2009-2010 Norfolk AdmiralsAHL13 2.07 .922|      
  Erie OttersOHL13 2.81 .918|      
 2010-2011 Norfolk AdmiralsAHL9 3.64 .872|      
  Florida EverbladesECHL27 3.06 .912|      
 2011-2012 Norfolk AdmiralsAHL34 2.36 .914|Playoffs4 1.69 .937
 2012-2013 HC Slovan BratislavaKHL47 2.17 .928|Playoffs2 4.03 .867
  HC Slovan BratislavaET2 0.99 .963|Playoffs0 - -
  Slovakia Deutschland Cup2 2.00 .943|      
  SlovakiaWC2 3.00 .875|      
  Slovakia (all)International9 2.79 .884|      
 2013-2014 HC Slovan BratislavaKHL41 2.86 .898|      
  HC Slovan BratislavaET5 3.15 .905|      
  HC Slovan BratislavaNadezhda Cup1 1.01 .963|      
  SlovakiaWC1 1.50 .960|      
  Slovakia (all)International3 2.16 .921|      
 2014-2015 HC Slovan BratislavaKHL25 3.01 .891|      
  HC Sparta PrahaCzech5 4.56 .848|Playoffs3 2.95 .888
 2015-2016 HC LitvinovCzech39 2.51 .913|Relegation1 2.77 .864
  HC LitvinovChampions HL3 1.00 .968|      
  HC LitvinovCzech Q- - -|Qualification8 1.60 .923
 2016-2017 HC LitvinovCzech39 2.02 .931|Playoffs5 3.13 .892
  Slovakia Deutschland Cup2 1.92 .937|      
  SlovakiaWC1 0.00 1.000|      
  Slovakia (all)International4 1.71 .931|      
 2017-2018 Bili Tygri LiberecCzech10 3.08 .882|      
  Bili Tygri LiberecChampions HL5 2.32 .923|      
 2018-2019 HC LitvinovCzech9 2.01 .929|      

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