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AHL Game Day: 1-20-20 Comets at Crunch

Wedgewood's triumphant return comes at a good time.


Scott Wedgewood, appearing for the first time since getting injured on December 6th, allowed 2 goals on 28 shots for the win. I'm not saying Wedgewood, with his season .893 save percentage, is the second coming. But, this is a shot in the arm, for sure.

First Period

Second Period
5:02 SYR Katchouk (10), (Barre-Boulet, Thomas)
16:04 SYR Volkov (5), (Smith)

Third Period
12:26 SYR Barre-Boulet (17), (Sieloff, Colton)
14:40 UTI Gadjovich (10), (Teves, Bancks)
15:42 UTI Boucher (24), (Bailey, Juolevi)(PP)
19:04 SYR Smith (16), (Conacher, Volkov)(EN)

Alex Barre-Boulet, Boris Katchouk, and Wedgewood were the game's three stars.

Utica managed to get the old false hope goal with 4:18 left to play, but then discovered why we call it the false hope goal.

As crazy bad as Syracuse has been lately, they're just 4 points out of third place in the North Division. Maybe Wedgewood helps change the dynamic and the Crunch can make a little run here? Crazier things have happened, and this has been a proud AHL franchise in recent years.

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AHL Game Day: 1-12-20 Crunch at Devils

Crunch choke away a two goal lead and a point as season of mediocre misery continues.

BNG-6 (SO)

Mike Condon allowed 5 goals on 37 shots and then allowed one of three to convert in the PS session for the SO loss. That's an .873 save percentage for Condon this season. Submitted without further comment.

First Period
1:41 SYR Barre-Boulet (15), (Gaunce, Katchouk)
5:39 SYR Katchouk (9), (Gaunce, Joseph)(PP)
7:03 SYR Smith (14), (D. Stephens, Conacher)
10:57 BNG Seney (13), (Merkley, Cumiskey)

Second Period
2:47 BNG Anderson (9), (Connor, Tennyson)
12:44 SYR Martel (12)), (D. Stephens, Barre-Boulet)

Third Period
3:14 BNG Maltsev (5), (Anderson, Seney)(PP)
12:14 SYR Joseph (3), (Raddysh, Colton)
13:32 BNG Merkley (5), (Anderson, Seney)(PP)
18:03 BNG Merkley (6), (Sharangovich, Seney)


BNG- Gignac

Alex Barre-Boulet was the game's third star.

The Crunch really gave into score effects in this one, getting outshot 11-3 in the Third Period to allow Binghamton to execute the comeback. I'd be interested to tally up just how many time the Crunch have left points on the ice this season like this, because it feels like it's got to be pushing double digits at this point, and that's really the difference between challenging for the top of the North Division and underachieving in sixth place. How do you fix it? Well, we know there's one position where a single transaction can make a big difference now, don't we?

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AHL Game Night: 12-21-19 Devils at Crunch

Crunch rebound with strong opening period to exorcise Devils.


Mike Condon allowed 2 goals on 37 shots for the win.

First Period
3:06 SYR Yan (7), (Valleau, Barre-Boulet)
3:18 SYR Barre-Boulet (11), (Yan, Somppi)
17:49 BNG Schmelzer (4), (Maltsev)
18:54 SYR Conacher (9), (Colton, Katchouk)

Second Period
3:10 SYR Conacher (10), (Smith, Gaunce)(PP)
6:54 BNG Schmelzer (5), (Maltsev, Jacobs)

Third Period
19:17 SYR Joseph (1), (unassisted)(SH)(EN)

Condon, Cory Conacher, and Alex Barre-Boulet were the game's three stars.

This was a game where the final score probably wasn't indicative of the run of play. After the Crunch staked themselves to the quick two goal lead, Bingo had the clear possession advantage the rest of the way and ended up outshooting the Crunch 37-21 in the contest. Hence Condon being the first star of the game. Either way, it's a critical win to bust a slump before it gets out of hand. At a certain point the Crunch are going to need to stop treading water in the bottom third of the North Division and make their run, though.

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AHL Game Night: 11-30-19 Crunch at Devils

Slump buster in Bingo.

BNG-3 (OT)

Spencer Martin allowed 3 goals on 29 shots for the win.

First Period

Second Period
0:08 SYR Barre-Boulet (9), (Stephens, Witkowski)
4:36 BNG Mermis (1), (McLeod, Bastian)
16:31 SYR Martel (10), (Masin)

Third Period
3:18 BNG Melchiori (1), (Zetterlund, Gignac)(PP)
15:13 SYR Conacher (6), (Masin, Colton)
19:07 BNG Anderson (6), (Schmelzer, Mermis)

4:44 SYR Barre-Boulet (10), (Colton)

Alex Barre-Boulet and Spencer were the game's first and third stars.

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