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A List for Day 2

When the sun rises on Day 2 of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft in Buffalo, NY, the Tampa Bay Lightning will be waiting sitting with two picks (44, 58) in the 2nd round and already their safe 1st round pick of Brett Howden in their back pocket. We'd certainly like to see the Bolts swing for the fences with at least one of these two remaining Top-60 picks. Here's a quick list of players to watch that could be targets for the Lightning. I've grouped them into four groups, but as with typical later rounds, it's hard to pinpoint where certain players will be picked, if at all.

Possible Draft Targets for Syracuse

For those paying attention to the past three drafts by Steve Yzerman and Al Murray, the Tampa brain trust seems to cast an eye on at least one juniors or European player that can provide immediate help to the AHL affiliate or at least fast tracked to help the following season.

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