Luongo gone !

A fond farewell to Roberto Luongo from the SE Division - who knows what the Panthers will come up with for their #1 goalie, but his first name wont be Roberto and we wont have to painfully watch those 40 save nights posted against us. The Bolts not facing Luongo in net should translate into an extra W or 2 or 3 during the course of the season, assuming we can sign our own #1 netminder. We better also find a strong D-man type to match up with their new big and bad forward Bertuzzi !

Luongo to Canucks....

I don't like the trade of Luongo to the Canucks...sure they get Todd Bertuzzi coming back but I think the cats could've done alot better than Toldd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen, and Alex Auld. I mean this is good for the Bolts who have always struggled against Luongo. Sending him out west is a definite plus for the Bolts and the SE Division, but I still think they could've gotten a better deal for him. Now we must wait and see how the Bolts do in the draft. I really hope they don't get Mark Denis from Columbus...he isn't the #1 goalie this team needs. I'd say of the ones that are mentioned that they get Nabokov...I mean he's under contract for the next few years and is very we'll just have to wait and see.

My Mock Draft

It's been a long while since I did one of these:

Congratulations Carolina

You have no idea how hard it is for me to compliment a division rival but the Hurricanes, but they are due a lot of respect for what they've accomplished in winning the Stanley Cup tonight. In many ways their season and their run to the Cup was very similar to the Lightning's two years ago. So, congratulations Carolina and in particular Cory Stillman, whom I respect as a hockey player more than 99% of the players in this league. And condolences to Edmonton, who for the past ten or so years has been a gritty heart and soul franchise that has been nothing but a credit to this league. All that said, next season the Lightning need to take their trophy back.

John Grahame

I personally have a varying opinion about John Grahame than the average Lightning fan. Most fans want someone new between the pipes, I don't. Most fans will compalain that because of him the team faltered. I disagree with that. I'll admitt that he wasn't as consistent as he should have been. However, this was his first year being the number one guy. The first year isn't always as easy as Ryan Miller or Henrik Lundqvist would make people believe. Also keep in mind that there was the lockout last year. To go from backup, to starter with a year off in between, that isn't an easy job. Please also remember the rule changes, before he was just a guy being given a shot at a job he knew, now he's a guy given a shot at a job he doesnt know very well.
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