Kubina and Grahame are Gone

According to Pavel Kubina has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs for 4 years at $5M per season. Best of luck to Toronto with that. I think Pavel is really only worth about half that. Apparently the Hurricanes have signed John Grahame to a two year deal for about 1.5M per. Boston has loaded up by signing Chara and Marc Savard. Phoenix has signed Ed Jovanovski.

Modin vs. Denis

I've been a member of this site for a few weeks now, and I see that most people don't agree with my views. Somehow, I can live with that. People disagreeing with me, and telling me so tells me that my ideas are worth something. Because of this, I'll post my feelings about the trade for Marc Denis. Everyone has been saying that we needed a new goalie. Fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I disagreed. I admit 2005-06 was a pretty bad year for us (goaltender wise), but I dont think trading Fredrik Modin was a good idea. You all probably disagree with me. You probably think that goaltending was what needed to be fixed. Okay, some nights the goalies could have stayed home and we would have done better. I just dont think giving up a top six foward was a good move.

Bolts trade for new goaltender...

TSN is reporting that the Lightning have traded forward Fredrik Modin and goalie Fredrik Norrena to the Columbus Blue Jackets for goaltender Marc Denis. While I'm glad to see the Bolts finally got an NHL experienced goaltender, I'm not so sure that Denis is the guy that will lead the Bolts back to the Stanley Cup. From what I've seen of him over the past couple of seasons while watching him play for Columbus, he has shown some flashes of greatness but nothing consistant. Denis had a record last season of 21-25-1 with a 3.25 goals against average and a .900 save percentage. I guess at this point what's done is done and we'll all have to wait and see how he works out.

Sean Burke

I keep reading complaints about Sean Burke, and I'm confused. Why do people have such a problem with him? I read trade proposals and people are practically begging other teams to take him from us. I just dont get it. His overall record isnt the best. I'll admit that. This year was the first year since 2002-03 that he was over .500. It isn't like he just stood there and let the shots through. Yes, his glory days are over, but he was a good backup. Most nights he gave the team a chance to win (I say most, because no goalie can go an entire season without at least one bad night).

Lightning Prospect System Gaining Stability.

This is my first ever try at a blog, so go easy on me. It seemed like yesterday when one would look at the Tampa Bay Lightning depth chart and feel pity. Even when the big club started contending for the playoffs in 2003, one year removed from the Dudley regime, their prospect cupboard was nothing short of bare. They had no AHL affiliate, no goalie of the future, most prospects overseas, and only a handfull of players competing in the ranks of the CHL. Heck, all they had to show from the Dudley drafts was Nikita Alexeev and Alex Svitov. Now, only three years later, the Lightning have a full time AHL affiliate fully stocked with players, they own the rights to TEN goaltenders, including one first rounder, Riku Helenius, and Finnish prodigy, Karri Ramo, and multiple players in the CHL and NCAA. The biggest success, however, is in the fact that three players to come out of the Lightning Developmental system became NHL regulars in 2005-06, two of which were Feaster picks.
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