michel ouellet possible target in free agency?

According to Cristedero's blog ( Michel ouellet may be a possible forward the lightning are pursuing. Ouellet might have good chemistry with Richards because they were both on Rimouski Oceanic of the Quebec major-junior league at the same time. We should know in a matter of days...

For all you richards haters...

Free agency is beginning today and players like Drury are expected to make over 7 million a year. For all you Richards haters out there, here is an interesting stat... Drury is going to make probably over 7 million and yet he's never had a 70 point season in his career. Richards this year had an "off year" and how many points did he have? 70 points! (richards had 25 goals this year one shy of his career high by the way) Richards "lack of production" was due to him having no one on his line that scored more than 13 goals, making his assist total go down, you can't put the puck in the net for someone else!


RDS.CA is reporting that the Montreal Canadiens have placed Jassen Cullimore and Tony Salmelainen on waivers but they went unclaimed. The Habs have announced they'll buy out the remainder of Cullimore's contract.

Red Line's Take on the Lightning's Draft Picks

Remind me next year to order Red Line three weeks before draft day instead of two...

Anyway, looking through Red Line's draft guide there are a lot of positives for the Lightning coming out of this draft. Here's how they had the picks the Lightning took rated and, where given, the short blurb about each:

#30 Dana Tyrell: "Love his speed, smarts, and competitiveness."
#54 Luca Cunti: "It's a team game, Luca. It's not all about you."
#62 Alexander Killorn: "Blazing fast playmaker. Stock rising like gas prices."
#100 Mitch Fadden: "Dynamic scorer should've been taken last year."
#160 Matt Marshall: "Bull in a china shop, but has no hands or finesse."
#207 Torrie Jung
#290 Michael Ward

NR Johan Harju
NR Justin Courtnall

Tyrell and a hooker

I thought this kid was supposed to be high-character? ;-)

Pretty funny/interesting article about Tyrell's pre-draft experience.

If YOU knew YOU were going to die…

Oh, those crazy Swedes

Lightning 6th round pick Johan Harju gets clowned.

Harju is a possibility for Norfolk next year.

Bring the Gillette.

Taylor Again

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I need to keep this out there- I can't go through watching Taylor out there again knowing the impact (bottle-neck) it creates in our prospect system and deficiency it creates in our third and fourth lines. It's not Taylor's fault- ofcourse he wants to play. The problem is the coach would actually play him, as evidenced last year. Question: if Taylor didn't play for the Lightning last year, where could he have played? or next year? Imagine this scenario: Perrin goes to Montreal for a 2 year 1.5 million and we sign Taylor for 1 yr for 600K. That's w

Right Answer

Asked about the quality of hockey in Switzerland, controversial Lightning draft pick Luca Cunti had this to say in the St. Pete Times:

Center and third-round pick Luca Cunti doesn't think much of hockey in his Swiss homeland. Asked about the country's developmental program, he said, "It's not better. That's why I want to come here."

Right answer. I don't think this young man is quite the coach killing punk some have made him out to be. I think he's bored playing inferior opponents in Swiss Junior A and the NLB which isn't even the top Swiss leage. He's looking for a challenge, and that's what you want from this guy: the desire to get better. So much was made about whether or not Luca would come to North America but if you look at everything the young man has said he is talking in very specific and very concrete terms about pursuing his career over here. Good. Being in the right frame of mind is a big hurdle for Cunti to get over and it looks like he might get there. The next step is to prove he can play North American hockey in the CHL or USHL and not get his helmet fed to him.

Lightning 2007 NHL Entry Draft Analysis

Entering the draft the Lightning's prospects of filling their organizational needs at forward looked so bleak the local media was printing stories that were already ratcheting down expectations. The team had no first round pick. It might not have had a second round pick if the Panthers had exercised the option they gained in the Chris Gratton trade. 2007 looked like a throwaway draft. Yet for some strange reason I actually had a good feeling about this draft because there were parallels to the 2002 draft. You'll recall in 2002, Jay Feaster's first draft as the head of the Bolts, the team dealt off its #4 overall pick in the controversial Ruslan Fedotenko deal and then dealt off a second round pick for defenseman Brad Lukowich leaving the team with a lone second round pick as their only selection in the first three rounds. And, like this year's draft, 2002 was panned as a poor draft class with the exception of the first 4 or 5 picks.

2002 was the finest hour of the Lightning's scouts during the Jay Feaster era even despite stubbing their toe with Adam Henrich with their first selection. They succeeded by outworking the rest of the league that day. Most of the other scouting staffs in the NHL were so sour on that draft class they didn't even want to deal with the later rounds of the draft. Carolina practically gave away a bundle of picks to the Lightning because there were no more players they wanted left on their list. And so the much maligned Lightning scouting staff crafted a working man's masterpiece almost entirely from round six on: Paul Ranger, Fredrik Norrena and Ryan Craig are all NHL regulars. Darren Reid has seen time in the league each of the last two seasons. Vasily Koshechkin is considered perhaps the best goaltending prospect in all of Russia. The team thought outside the box. They took overagers (Craig). They turned over rocks to find players (Koshechkin). They gambled on players who might not have played much during the year but had the skills and upside to warrant taking a flyer (Ranger). They haven't had a draft that good since.

Something about the challenge of making something out of nothing makes this Lightning staff rise to the occassion, and while I can't guarantee that the 2007 draft will pan out as well as that 2002 draft, there's reason to be very optimistic. The philosophy was different for this draft, but the work ethic wasn't and when Ottawa practically gave away a bundle of three picks for a spare 4th round pick today the comparisons to 2002 became even stronger. I liked what I saw today.

Of interest: Alexeev

Apparently the only RFA Chicago did not qualify this offseason was Nikita Alexeev. This, despite Dudley following around Tallon whispering in his ear.

And thus ended the NHL career of Nikita Alexeev.

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