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Hedman selected #83 at the KHL draft

Today the KHL entry draft took place. The rules of the KHL draft could be found here
The list of drafted players
Viktor Hedman was drafted # 83 overall (of 91 picks) by the Spartak Moscow. So, if Hedman decide to play in KHL he could sign only with Spartak untill he turn 28 (if his right wouldn't be traded). Taking into account that Spartak is one of the poorest KHL clubs, I doubt that it could happen.
John Tavares went undrafted.

Koshechkin Contract To Be Bought Out?

It was reported today by that Ak Bars signed ex-Flyers goaltender Robert Esche. It said that Esche will replace Lightning prospect Vasily Koshechkin, whose contract is likely to bought out by the club. is referred to Ak Bars press-cutting service, but this internet media is known for frequently reporting unproven rumors, so it is early to say that Koshechkin will leave Ak Bars for sure.

Koshechkin will play for CSKA if he doesn't sign with Tampa

UPDATE: (May 30) In the Russian newspaper, "Soviet Sport," another version of why Koshechkin's contract with the Lightning is unsigned was published.

It is rumored that Koshechkin wants to test himself at the training camp and sign the contract only after the camp if he will see by the results of the camp "enough possibilities for the career growth." As it was reported he wants to go to the camp without a contract with any team and after the camp he plans to sign a contract with Tampa or CSKA.

Anyway, those reports, no matter what is the truth if there is a truth in both newspaper notes, say that Koshechkin plans to try himself at least at the Lightning camp.

Evgeny Artyukhin interview

Sorry for the late reaction, but I have translated Evgeny Artyukhin intervie that he gave to Football-Hockey newspaper prior to start of the Karjala Cup.
The source of the interview (on Russian) - "Football-Hockey" newspaper website

My translation -

Koshechkin mask painting

Finally I've found a picture of Vasily Koshechkin mask painting. And finally he did it. Prior to this he played in completely white mask. ( old Koshechkin white mask ) Mask paining is also almost white and if you are standing at the other side of the rink or behind the rink, you can tell that his mask remained the same - white. Well, I loved this mask. I love cats. Especially white cats. I have a cat living at my home and he's white. I don't know if Koshechkin loves white cats, but his last name - Koshechkin - on English will be something like Pussy Cat.

Koshechkin gets shutout.

Vasily Koshechkin got his win and shutout tonight. Lada get the 4-0 win in Magnitogorsk vs. Metallurg, one of the best attacking team in the Superleague. I watched this game on TV. Kosheckin made several critical saves, including a three rebound shots on after one in the second period when Lada played two players short.
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