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Day 2 Prospect Camp Observations

First a little more info on the scoring. Goal 1 - Woolger picked up a loose puck inside the red line and quickly fed Fuller all alone. He Ramo stayed in net and Fuller roofed a wrister. This was the first shot Ramo faced. Goal 2 - Griffith pick up a loose puck (in the slot I believe) as everyone was trying to clear the zone. Took it in on Disher and beat him low. This was a goal I was preoccupied during, so the description is a little hazy. Goal 3 - This goal was made by Keller. He was tenacious behind the net just to Ramo's right. He finally controlled it enough to throw it in the slot to Lascek. Lascek had a good look to shoot, got an average shot off and Ramo kicked it with his right pad. Jones was the only one to Ramos right and slid the puck in the corner of the net.

Day 1 Prospect Camp Observations: Forwards

I'll admit I spent much more time watching the goalies and d'men than the forwards, but I tell about what I saw. The top performer was Desharnais, the most opportunistic was Croxton. The top line was Kvapil, Lawrence, Smolenak, although only Kapvil touched the score sheet during a partial line change. Smolenak - Looks like Affy. Good size, filled out, strong on his skates, shows some offensive skill that will tantalize us. Will he score in the show or be a 3rd liner? Should see at somr point this year. Kvapil - Almost fully mature looking. Looks bigger than was led to believe. Easy E's article mentioned he has bulked. Attacked the net well.

Day 1 Prospect Camp Observations Defensemen

I'd agree with the experts, there appears to be a good core that will one day play in the NHL. Having followed this team since the beginning I've seen a lot of young ones. At this age it can be hard to judge this group. There are none with Hamrlik type skills, but who will be Kubina's and Ranger's vs. Bannister's and McBain's? My impressions based on today: Rogers - Looks like Ranger minus the puckhandling. Is playing solid positionally and defensive minded. Seems he could adapt in 5 - 10 NHL games like Ranger did. Does have an injury history and lacks some experience accordingly. I think he'll impress

Day 1 Prospect Camp Observations

I used to go to Lakeland one Saturday every year for the camp scrimmages. I haven't gone to anymore practice/scrimmages since camp moved to Brandon. (That doesn't really make sense since I live in Clearwater.) Anyway the prospects were a pleasant surprise, much higher quality than the good old days. I also usually sit high behind the goal versus low towards the middle where we were required to be today, so my perspective is a little different than normal. But I thought the game was fairly crisply played, though not overly intense or hard hitting (there were a few good ones). There was nobody to really tout for the big club this season in terms of having Ranger/Craig type impact. I think Rogers could make a play for a final D-man spot. Physically he,Rosehill, & Smolenak looked like men both in physical appearance and posture wise. Movement and build wise Rogers also resembles Ranger, but doesn't have as much puck handling ability.

Day 1 Prospect Camp Line-ups

Black Team 4 - White Team 1 Black Team Smolenak - Lawrence - Kvapil Boisclair - Desharnais - Baker Croxton - Borrelli - Robinson Griffith - Imbeault - Gibbons Rogers - Atherton Egener - D'Aversa Rosehill - Quick Pearce 1st Ramo 2nd White Team Lascek - Jones - Keller Hrdel - Ouellette - Bubnick Collins - Ray - Czuy Fuller - Woolger - Wheat Lundin - Smaby Mihalik - Grover Barthell - Deck Beech 1st
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