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This Week in TampaCuse

This past week in TampaCuse, the Lightning went 1-1, defeating Montreal after losing late to the Maple Leafs. In Syracuse, the Crunch continue to struggle, going 0-3. The boys in blue and/or orange lost to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Utica, and Norfolk.

Random thoughts on the week:

This Week in TampaCuse

In addition to a mailbag (check), I’ve wanted to do a regular blog entry, jotting down some thoughts that come to me usually at really inconvenient times. There are few things as frustrating than being in a meeting at work and thinking, “Oh THAT’S what they’re planning with Cedric Paquette!” These are too long for Twitter and I want to leave the mailbag to reader questions. So, here goes… some random thoughts on the week in the Lightning organization… aka TampaCuse (I really should have copyrighted that when I had the chance, especially after Jon Cooper used it).

BP Mailbag: 1-9-14

My resolution to do a mailbag each week of 2014 reaches week 2, outlasting half the New Year’s diets started in America. Bully for me, I guess, and hopefully for you if you get anything out of these. At the least, you can read this on your phone while waiting in the two open lines at your local Walmart. Remember, 20 items or less unless you have more than 20 items.

On to the questions, and I said on Twitter I’d answer them all.

I know it's well before trade deadline, but do you see Yzerman making any big moves (or what he should be doing?) (Christine via Twitter, Thomas via Twitter)

This question was asked twice, so I’ll answer it first. When guessing, I like to keep things simple and as realistic as possible (read: no blockbusters). Big trades at the deadline are hard to pull off, and even when a GM can, they’re highly expensive. Yzerman loves his prospects and picks, so it would have to be a pretty substantial player that could play now and 2-3 years from now with the club to use up his prized assets.

Re-adding Stamkos will likely be the biggest addition Yzerman makes at the deadline. And really, he’s right. Here, division contender, add arguably the best goal scorer in the world to your club. Happy?

BP Mailbag: 1-1-14

I’ve been wanting to put together a weekly mailbag of sorts for a while now, so with New Year’s around the corner, I’m getting a jump on that resolution. I’d like to say no question will go unanswered, but I’ve known the Interwebs for a while now and that can only end badly.

Questions can be submitted via @boltprospects,, or on our messageboard.

Here goes nothing…

When will they ever be fair to Eero? (MoreRon via Twitter)

Roster Predictions for Tampa Bay, Syracuse

The following are projections for this fall’s Tampa Bay and Syracuse rosters. Projections are merely educated guesses based on history, talent, basic line composition, contract statuses, and information that’s been made available. All members of Tampa Bay's organizational roster are accounted for, as are AHL contracts. These projections are assuming no one is acquired/released, and is obviously for entertainment purposes only. They are also projections for Game 1 in October, not Game 41 or 82. Things will be much different then.

Tampa Bay Lightning

(23-man limit)

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