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New Captaincy

Isn't it time for the Lightning to move on, and name a Captain that is the face of our team? With free agency approaching and the Lightning needing to attract talent looking to spotlight themselves and become part of a winning team, wouldn't it be better to have a one of our better players / leaders than a coach appointment? What ever happened to players voting for the captain; is this Vinny's or Tort's team? Take note what Spector says about Crosby being named captain of the Penguins, and the comparisons to Vinny.

getting Taylor out of lineup

As metioned before, I don't think I can take another season of watching Taylor out there. He has no business playing in the league! By taking him out of the lineup, I become more optimistic about lines 3 & 4. After our 9 game unbeaten streak in early Jan, why did they bring him back when the team played so well without him? This is so obvious to me, or anyone else who has significantly played this game. We must let Torts know it's not worth loosing his job over! How many games did Karlsson watch from the pressbox last year because of this?

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