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Bolts Slighted Andreychuk

Bolts attempt to honor Dave Andreychuk appeared less than the exhuberant and respectful night he deserved. Didnt expect to see his jersey put up in the rafters, but did expect more pizzazz during the presentation, maybe a few x-NHLer actually there to speak about him and wanted to hear more from Dave. Honoring seemed more superficial than substance to me. Gag gifts were a joke and devalued the moment. Dave deserved alot more than he got !

Holmqvist Beats Self

Bolts latest -find a way to lose - fall guy is Holmqvist. Gets delay of game penalty called on himself and seconds later watches winning goal pass thru 5-whole. PP continues to suck - hard to watch !

Key Bolt Stats

Thru 3 games.... Big 3 combined goals = 0 (1 in SO) Big 3 combined +/- = -4 Big 3 combined salary = $20 mil Any questions ?

TSN Pre-season Power Ranks Bolts 24th

TSN first power ranking just posted today with Detroit at the top - here is their SE Division power pics with Tampa at 4th in division ! * Carolina - 9th * Atlanta - 17th * Florida - 18th * Tampa - 24th * Wash - 28th Guess they are unimpressed with our off-season moves.

Burke placed on waivers

As expected, Lightning placed Sean Burke on waivers per TSN report published today - hopefully he will get picked up and some of his $1.6 mil salary can be off-loaded.
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