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Draft and Trade

Ok, we have the draft coming up, so what players should be targeted and what about potential trades? Obviously Denis and who else should be on the block, but what in the way of picks or players should we expect in return? Since this appears to be a "weak" draft should we look to get young players from other organizations in return for Denis et al? I look forward to reading comments.

3/5/07 how deep will we go??

Ok here I sit thinking about how far can we go in the playoffs and at this point I am guessing 2 rounds for sure, depending on if we take the southeast crown. this road trip is really important and we need 9 points out of 12 to stay on top, at least that is my thinking. If we take 9/12 then we have a good schance of winning the southeast and going at least 2 rounds. any thoughts out there or am I just being pessimistic?? OH EE's article in the Trib today was really good about the lack of PR for Vinny and Marty in re the MVP race. what a shame they do not get the national recognition th

trade bait

Ok: Who might bring us the big D-man and a decent forward to shore up our weaknesses. My idea is Prospal, followed by Sarich and richardson, along with Karlsson. I do not think anyone would want Pratt, but Luke might be desirable to a team with young D-men wanting a tutor. I do not like the idea of trading Feds because he continues to work hard and is the ony guy consistently making those hard checks against the other team. that is as far as my thinking goes for now. no thirty.

new goalies

Ok now we have Norrena. does that mean that Burke goes to SF to teach the younger goalies? I think he does, jay offers him a buyout and he goeas to work as a coach to work with Coleman and Boutin. That means we have one more spot open for a goalie. How close is jay to signing Ramo? Is Ramo the real deal? Only time will tell, but it should be an interesting summer. Plus that means we can wheel and deal for a couple of d-men without trading away any of the top 6- I think.
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