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Trade Deadline Brings Record Hits to BP

I'd like to send out a big thanks to the whole BoltProspects.com community. Yesterday's NHL trade deadline broke a couple of records here at our modest little site -- a record 1,651 page views from 508 visits by 276 unique visitors. All single day records for BoltProspects.com. Certainly modest numbers by some site standards, but a proud moment for our little baby.

Again thanks for your continued support as we continue to strive to be your online source for Tampa Bay Lightning prospects, and as we partner with all of you to build a thriving online community.

Lundin/Maine on CSTV Next Weekend

Mike Lundin and his high-ranked U of Maine teammates will be taking on New Hampshire this coming weekend broadcast on CSTV. Just a heads up for some of you guys with cable/satellite that might want to checkout Lundin.

Today's Outage

Seems we had an internet service outage that kept BP offline Wednesday morning from about 8:15am CT to about 9:40 am. The outage was completely unrelated to our server upgrade that happened Tuesday afternoon, so no worries there.

New Server @ BP

I've completed the move of the site to new phat server box. Let me know if anyone experiences anything weird or strange...

The Return of Dusty Rhodes

[acidfree:1913 align=right]
I added a photo album in the BP Media Gallery containing several historical photos of Dusty Rhodes using by the Lightning community over the years to signal a Lightning or Falcon victory. I had noticed that Dusty's face has not been showing up lately, so I figured he didn't have a reference home on the web anymore.

We'll BP is here to serve... Welcome back, Dusty. Put the boys on your back and take 'em to the post-season.

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