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Back Online

If you are reading this, then you know BoltProspects was offline for about 24 hours following an epic battle between an electrical storm and some internet hardware. The lightning won.

As Chad put it, the irony of ironies is that BoltProspects.com was taken offline by lightning. Go figure.

We'll were back and looking forward to Pete and Chad's coverage and analysis of Tampa's picks in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft this weekend.

Server Move Complete

** UPDATE **

BoltProspects server move scheduled for this evening is complete. Continue to enjoy BoltProspects content.

Site housekeeping...

FYI for our staff and readers...

I did a little site housekeeping today by re-organizing the layout of the depth charts, draft history, and player transaction information. Specifically, I created books for each of those categories and moved the existing content into pages of their respective book. Hopefully, this will make it easier for folks to navigate and reference the information, and help us to maintain and add future information.

New Math In Tampa?

On a WDAE radio call-in show yesterday, Lightning GM Jay Feaster tipped his hat regarding some of his thinking going into next season's roster planning and payroll. Perhaps Feaster is using different mathematical techniques than me, but I can't seem to get his roster plan to add up with the payroll budget he says he's working with. And no one seems to be calling him out on it. So, I guess I'll take a shot...

Trade Deadline Brings Record Hits to BP

I'd like to send out a big thanks to the whole BoltProspects.com community. Yesterday's NHL trade deadline broke a couple of records here at our modest little site -- a record 1,651 page views from 508 visits by 276 unique visitors. All single day records for BoltProspects.com. Certainly modest numbers by some site standards, but a proud moment for our little baby.

Again thanks for your continued support as we continue to strive to be your online source for Tampa Bay Lightning prospects, and as we partner with all of you to build a thriving online community.

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